Contribution to the project: The institution will shoot training videos on the following topics.

1. Entrepreneurial Values ​​for Women

In this video, women's entrepreneurial decisions and values ​​will be discussed. In the first stage, the life values ​​that affect women's decision to enter the workforce will be examined, and in the second stage, which business values ​​affect the type of employment / entrepreneurship women are involved in, to what extent (as entrepreneurs and employees). In addition, focusing on taking initiative, achieving success and gaining respect within the framework of business values, it will be explained how these issues positively affect entrepreneurship. We will consider the definition of entrepreneurship from a wide perspective, as the viewers of the video may be limited to self-employed persons. In summary, the results will be shared on how "values" influence a woman's decision to become an entrepreneur and participate in economic life.


2. Culturally Rich Women

This video will showcase the importance of having a rich culture, especially how it affects women's lives and values. It will examine ways to invest in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and how intercultural dialogue can create more inclusive societies. With this video, the experiences and dialogues of women from certain countries will be analyzed within the scope of issues such as the complexity of regional communication, better understanding and solving the difficulties faced by women in this context, and women's access to different cultures and workforce opportunities.